cool smart phone deals from NewEgg and Groupon

I confess that I was not too particular on my mobile sets.  But when it came to a point that I had to compulsorily change my very modest and ordinary mobile instrument, I decided to update myself about the latest instruments and features available before purchased one.  Believe me; I felt I did not belong to this planet at all because I had no idea that mobile instruments and the related services offered were far too beyond devices just used to make and receive a call!

Among a million types of mobile phones on sale, I was really attracted by, Samsung Galaxy instrument.  The instrument looked spectacularly beautiful and was not only stylish but of great utility. Anyone using would be guaranteed of a super special personalized service and the features could make his day wonderful whether at work, play or out with family. So I checked out the daily deals from groupon and other competitions and deals sites and found Newegg, who are sponsoring sales have promised a flat $60 on coupon discount plus free shipping and no taxes (subjective).  This extra special instrument could be anybody’s at $499.99.  I kept musing to myself – Oh! What a deal.

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Paragliding an all time experience

I had been a lover of adventurous sports and have participated in various sports and activities that are so full of excitement, thrill and all the more adventure. Last week I got the opportunity to paraglide it was like trying something completely unusual and together overcoming my existing fear of heights, Yes, I am a height phobic. It was so hard to decide upon whether to go for the drill or to let it go. It was a lifetime opportunity for me as I was a student of NCC air wings; I was thinking what to do. I even knew that it is a wonderful opportunity that should materialize in terms of gold but was fear stricken in remembering the age old heights where the paraglide floats. I got some useful lessons from this article: I was lost and was completely out of my mind when a colleague asked me to join the troop, promising me safety as he discussed with me the small -2 do’s and don’ts when paragliding. I was given a practical training before finally flying in the glider. This was not Dutch-courage this time that I was displaying as I conquered new heights in my drill.

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Writing up a new statistical project

Statistics is the genesis science, the mother of all other sciences. This is what I have leant and what I even believe, statistics is a mathematical science hence is very much admired by students who have a profound background in the field of mathematics. I basically love practical things and I am profound hater of baseless theorems that are extremely hard to understand and follow. I love propositions, and testing whether the propositions made are of any truth value. This estimation of right and wrong and the predictivity is this year’s statistical project. I have been asked to study the estimation of existence of standard error in checking the genuineness of the proposition. In statistical terms we define it as a hypothesis, that is a statement or a proposition which is to be checked whether correct of incorrect. On the basis of the hypothetical founding I tested a medical drug that I took from a medical practitioner to test the effectiveness of the drug when administered to various patients. This was registered task as I picked it up from a Pharma company existing under law. My findings supported the hypothesis of equal effectiveness.

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Experimenting with math’s

Mathematics, how do you react after hearing this word?

A large numbers fall sick just on hearing the word itself, a large others call it the science of mad people, whereas there are others few who curse day and night the inceptionists of mathematics. Well in my case it was always different, if you are also a math’s hater you shall definitely be criticizing me for this one. I am sure I shall be able to handle this out anyhow.  I had flair of numbers and symbols since my primary years, in no notice I used to mug up tables and formulae’s. This became gradually a habit thereby persuading me to pick up mathematics as my main subject in my graduation years, and at the same time mathematics was chosen for the very same reason in my post graduation as well. I decided to research in the mathematical sciences and I found myself more than satisfied in the field of research, there is a lot of space for expanding and contracting, I have the all freedom in editing the existing formulas, and devising the new ones which are better as well as easier.

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Elle 18: It’s simply awesome

I am simply moved with the new ranges of shades and colors brought down by Elle 18 the cosmetic brand that is famous amongst my gang of friends for its wonderful nail paint colors. There is an extensive collection of colors and I love to collect all the possible shades. The color I last purchased is mustard yellow, oh my god, it looks so damn beautiful and rich when I flaunt my nails in the public. I got this latest one to match my mustard chiffon kurti I purchased from New Delhi Meena market last month.

Besides, I yesterday saw another very youthful color of a nail paint a girl besides me in the metro was bearing it was tangy orange. These colors look so lively and allow me especially to compliment my piece of dress very well. I trust this brand and am a mad fan of it. As soon as a new shade of Elle 18 is launched in the market I feel the urge to have it on my nails. That’s not simply the end of my passion,  I just don’t love such funky and cool colors, besides I also love matt colors as they may suit a purpose

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